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North Edge Healthcare Watch Keep N06 Black

North Edge Healthcare Watch Keep N06 Black
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North Edge Healthcare Watch Keep N06 Black
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1. display:1.3 "240 * 240, full lamination and full touch screen
2. Exercise heart rate / resting heart rate detection:Manual \ automatic detection once every 10 minutes (the APP and the wristband end have switches)
3. motion:Steps, distance traveled, calories burned
4. Sleep detection:Automatic detection based on the amount of exercise and pulse rate of the person
5. blood pressure:Blood pressure manual detection manual \ automatic detection (with switch)
6. Female physiological cycle
7. Call / SMS content push
8. Information reminder:Incoming calls, SMS, Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Line, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Gmail, mobile phone and other applications
9. Alarm clock:APP settings, single and multiple scene alarm clock, a total of 20 groups
10. Take a picture:Shake or click to take a picture
11. Wrist switch,Stopwatch,Countdown,Find phone,Heart rate alarm,Turn your wrist up and brighten the screen,Bracelet brightness adjustment,Anti-lost reminder

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Гаранција: 12 месеци

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